1. Bariyer automatic barrier gate

2. PC

3. Automation software

4. Ticket cabine

5. Barkod printer

6. Loop metal detector

7. Pin pad panel or proximty card reader

8. Electronic control system

9. Barkod reader

10. Security hut


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1. SIEMENS  motor

2. SIEMENS  electronic control unit

3. SIEMENS  limit switch

4. Arm and body lightning

5. Only 2.5 seconds openning time for 6 meters arm  long barrier

6. 100% operating density

7. Vibration free and extreme silent running

8. Programmable openning, closing speeds and waiting time

9. Hidden photocell to enhance barrier security

10. Different color options for the body and the arm

11. Customizable reflective strips or shapes on the arm and the body

12. Manuel opennig during electricity cuts

13. Electrostatic painted, galvanised 2mm and 5 mm steel barrier body

14. Aluminum, wood or lighted acyrilic barrier arm

15. Fringe below the barrier arm

16. Radio transmitter, proximity card, keypad, button or cell phone controlled passing options


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