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Frequently Asked Questions

Matters Needing Attention:


VERY IMPORTANT! Barrier and automatic gates are used to control vehicle passage. When the barrier arm or the door is open, the SPRINGS SHOULD NOT EXCEED THE SPACE ALIGNED TO THE VEHICLES!


III. VERY IMPORTANT! If the barrier / gate is opened for another vehicle to pass through, take your time, wait for the barrier / gate to close. IF THE BARRIER / DOOR IS OPENED FOR YOURSELF!

IV. VERY IMPORTANT! There is 220V Ac mains electricity in the barrier / door electronics. The current in the electric cables is strong enough to be life-threatening for unauthorized interventionists. DO NOT OPEN THE COVER OF THE BARRIER / DOOR MOTOR WITHOUT AUTHORIZED SERVICE AND STRONGLY DO NOT INTERFERENCE! DON'T FORGET THERE A SERIOUS ELECTRIC RISK!

V. VERY IMPORTANT! Barrier / gate security sensors; It does not correctly detect bicycles, motorcycles, tractors, trucks, trucks and vehicles with openings in the chassis. THESE VEHICLES MUST NOT STOP OR STOP UNDER THE BARRIER / BETWEEN THE DOOR!

VI. VERY IMPORTANT! DO NOT APPROACH THE BARRIER OR THE DOOR AS A PEDESTRIAN, DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO PLAY NEAR! As the barrier arm can make sudden descents and take-offs, it may harm people standing nearby. Iron doors are dangerous for children. Tipping or jamming accidents may occur.

E-commerce and credit card sales are not available on our website. We are trying to make this feature active as soon as possible. You can contact us for our product sales. Our site contains information, details and price information about our products.
Unfortunately, no. Electrical installation work must be carried out by an authorized electrician in accordance with the standards. In addition, since the electrical installation work of each house is different from each other, a fixed price cannot be given. For example, cable can be passed through 50mt of concrete under 50mt of concrete in an apartment, or 3-5mt of cable can be installed from a security cabin on a site. For this reason, the electrical installation work must be priced on-site.

We strive as much as we can to keep the intervention time for malfunctions as soon as possible. We usually respond to breakdowns on the same day. If we cannot do anything that day, we intervene in the breakdown the next business day.

Of course, there are no humanitarian situations that would delay the intervention, in these cases, we contact you and evaluate solution options together.

In simple cases, when you call us, we make sudden interventions, free of charge, by phone or video call.

According to the after-sales services contract, for products covered by a 2-year warranty;

You come to the product for on-site intervention or you are asked to send the product.

If the product itself or its lower part can be repaired, it is made on site, if necessary, the replacement is immediately replaced with a new one.

If deemed necessary, the product is taken for technical examination.

If the product defect is not detected in the technical examination, the product is directed to the distributor's main service center. Here, fault detection is made.

If the breakdown is under warranty, it will be repaired or renewed free of charge.

If it is out of warranty, repair or replacement fee is notified to the customer and repair approval is obtained. After the approval, repairs are made. Then the repaired product is delivered to us or you, making it functional and the repair process is terminated.

Even if your product is covered by the warranty, if it is damaged by third parties, as in the articles stated in the after-sales services contract, out of warranty action will be taken.

All technical data discovered during product failure are shared with you with the philosophy of honesty and accuracy.

  • The return of unopened and undamaged products is accepted within 15 days, which is the legal process.
  • The return of products that are opened but not used or assembled are accepted within the legal process provided that they are complete and undamaged.
  • Used or assembled products are not accepted for returns.

The products you buy from us should not be opened except the authorized service.

For example, in order to introduce a remote control to the automatic door motor, it is necessary to reach the electronics of the motor and make programming. During this program, settings may be deleted or accidentally short circuit to electronics. Consequently, the company that interferes with the product will have broken the remaining warranty in the product life. Please do not tolerate unethical interventions by other companies.

Our service is available to service all over Turkey. The products you ordered can be sent to your address within 2 business days.However, since we are an Ankara based company,Pre-planning is required for our assembly service to provinces other than Ankara.You can contact us for planning.

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